Waterpik water flosser

My son is 14 years old. He had the most beautiful set of baby teeth ever. Straight and good spacing (accordingly to the dentist). He started loosing baby teeth at about 6 and by 7 & 8 the adult teeth were coming in. It did not take long to see that he was going to … [Read more…]


Regret [re-gret] Verb: to feel sorrow or remorse for( an act, fault, disappointment, etc.) Regret. It is something that everyone has felt before. That gut wrenching, stomach turning, feeling. It’s the worse feeling in the world. Sometimes we regret things because we don’t know what the future holds. The unknown is extremely scary. There are … [Read more…]

Online Baby Registry

Everything you need to know about using an online baby registry What Is A Baby Registry? A baby registry is a list of things you think you will need for your new bundle of joy. You add things to this list and let your family, friends, co-workers, etc. know where the registry is. From there, the … [Read more…]