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When I was 16 I got a job at Starbucks. It was my first real job although I had been working summers since I was 14. I had never NOT had a job since then. My whole working life ( from 14-28) I had only ever applied/ interviewed for 2 jobs that I did not get.

The first job was Whole foods. When I was 15, shortly before I got hired at Starbucks, I heard Whole foods had on the spot interviews. I did not have a car. My mom drove me to my interview. I filled out the application and had no idea what to say.

“umm yes, ma’am I really want to work at your grocery store.”


“because I want money?””

What do you mean why? I don’t think any one comes to work for free.. I want money.. Needless to say, I didn’t get that job.

The second job was when I was 22 I was working at a bank and one of the guys I worked for said his girlfriend worked in HR at Toyota and could get me a interview for their call center. OMG!! This was my chance. I had never been more excited/ nervous in my life!!!!!

The aced the test they gave me and the interview went great.. Well almost great. The HR girl really liked me until she said, “ how did you hear about this job”

I simply replied. “I know ****”.

We went from laughing having a good time to… “ohh. Really?”

Hind sight is what I wish a genie granted me at that time. Oh, and to not say that…

Apparently the girl who interviewed me and the girl I knew didn’t like each other. That was the last thing that ever happened. My co-worker said the girl wouldn’t hire me because of who I knew.

I was sooooo upset. But what do you do.

Those are the only two times I didn’t get the job. When I was 15 and when I was not hired because of who I knew.

I have been a manager at four different employers. MY first one was Starbucks. After being there for some time I was hired as a Shift Supervisor. That was short lived because I got sick and they needed a more “reliable” person. Whatevs…. I worked there for years after that happened until I was hired as a Assistant Store Manager at a shoe store.

I learned from a very young age I liked different jobs. Any person can work at McDonalds or even sell shoes. If it was the normal job I didn’t like it. I thrived at Starbucks because I was being timed by the clients and I not everyone could get down how to make the drinks… I liked that challenge..

The shoe store however was a different story. I knew from the moment I walked in there and all the girls stopped talking, looked me up and down, looked at each other and laughed I was going to HATE it. I cried on my way home. Between the people I worked with and the SALES I absolutely could not stand going there.

The store was so pushy with the customers. If someone wanted to try on a pair of shoes I would have to bring out 5 pair… yes that’s right… 5 pair.. and explain the benefits of the shoes… it was the worse. No one cared!! And most people got upset about it… I had never been happier when I put my two weeks in.

I also was a Teller Supervisor at a bank and I am in charge of hiring at my current job.

What I’ve noticed is people do not know how to interview NOR do they know how to write a resume. I have gathered some tips to help you!!!

Lets start with the top!

Usually at the top of your resume you put your name, address and e-mail address at the top..

Please please please make a professional e-mail address. There is nothing professional about NOTHING.

Make a new email with your first and last name. I promise if you don’t you will get the side eye quick!!


This is where you say what you want to achieve in the company or in general. This is totally customization for the job you are applying for. You can honestly customize your whole resume, but we are getting there. Use descriptive words an example would be:

Administrative Assistant at a bank:

I am seeking a position within a financial institution where I can work in a team, grow has an employee while delivery excellent customer service and maintaining the integrity of the company.

Another option would be


I am a hard working person looking for a position within the department of Education. My goal is to help as many students as possible by mixing traditional and modern teaching techniques.

If you need help writing an objective search online. There are tons of websites that can help.

The next portion is your job history.

One thing I recommend is only putting your last 5 jobs or your last 5 years of job history. You do not want to look like you are jumping around job to job.

TIP!!I know some things are out of our control but try your best to have a good job history in the first place, then it will not be hard to look good on paper. That includes limiting gaps in between jobs.

TIP!!!When tweeking yor resume AWAYS have the job you are applying for open too. Look at the job description. Can you relate? Is there things on there that you do to? Add it to your resume!! The more you look “qualified” the better chance you have at getting an interview and REALLY WOW’ing them!!!!

Use words like:








TIP!!Don’t forget your VALUE!! Is there a time you made your sales goals months in a row? Add that to your description. Phrases like, “ Successful met and exceeded all set sales goals for the last 5 consecutive months.”

Sign.. sealed.. delivered…. You def’ got the interview!!

Don’t forget education, awards you have won/ earned, additional skills and references. I have a love hate with the “references” portion.. It is totally necessary. But I always put “ references available upon request.

Just be ready to provide them if necessary. (I have never been asked for them but just incase)



I have just a few tips on interviewing..

TIP!!Always shake the hands of the people interviewing you. So many people I have interviewed never reach for my hand. In a professional environment you should shake hands!!!!

TIP!!Always remain extremely confident. Do not act surprised if the employer says it is a lot of work and starts explaining it. I always nod my head and have the “not a problem” demeaner.

TIP!!Always act like you are an asset to them.. They need you!!!

TIP!!ALWAYS have an answer! Feel out the interview. I have been in situations where they ask a question like, “

TIP!!Always dress professional. Not the time to show skin.




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