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Today marks the day 7 years ago I went back to work after having my daughter. Yup, June 11,2011. Per my Facebook, I said this is so hard. You would think 7 years later it would be easier. I can tell you, I long to be home with my kids wayyyy more now than I ever did!  Everyday I take off of work and spend at home I just enjoy it so much. I have told me husband I feel in my bones, I am meant to be a stay at home mom. Maybe one day, but we can’t afford that right now. It makes me so sad that all moms can’t just stay at home with their kids.

I grew up in a house with a stay at home mom. My mom was always home with my siblings and I. It wasn’t until I ( the youngest) was in high school  that my mom decided to go back to work. I remember coming home from school and feeling empty at home, like, ummm where is my mom?

I am not sure if that effects my feelings to be a stay at home mom, but I feel like I need it in my soul! Because of this I decided to make a one stop shop of information regarding being a working mom and answering the TOP questions people have. here we go!

What Should a Stay at Home Mom’s Salary Be?

According to Forbes, a stay at home mom salary should be $115,000.00. This means if a stay at home mom would earn a salary, she would be doing the work equivalent of a worker earning $115,000.00

Where do I sign up?… seriously

I recommend reading the article it is quite good. It says that a stay at home moms job is equivalent to 10 jobs including things like daycare, teacher, psychologist,chef, housekeeper, etc.

However, the only thing I think when I read this, is that, working mom’s do all that also!! So they are working a full time job plus teaching and being a housekeeper, chef,etc. Something to think about.

What is the percentage of Stay at Home Moms?

The BLS aka the Bureau of Labor Statistics says back in the day (1967) 49% percent of mothers were stay at home moms. Since then the number has fluctuated and as of 2012 29% of moms stayed at home. 🙁

Why Do I Want To Stay at Home?

I want to stay at home because I love my kids, I love spending time with them I hate wasting hours without them at work. My husband and I are extremely close with our kids. We do not go on vacations without our kids we always do everything together. Not in a creepy over protective way, we just all enjoy each other. I also loved my childhood. I cannot look back and think of one bad thing regarding my childhood which I know I am extremely blessed for. My mom was always home with me and I would love nothing more than to do that with my kids. That’s why I long to be a stay at home mom. 🙂

Although, I am not naive I know it is hard work. Seriously, its probably easier to work than stay home.

I will be the first to say my kids drive me crazy sometimes.


What are your thoughts about SAHM’s?





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